History Continued...

The Future of Local #208

By Tom Oldfield

The future of Local #208 looks to be a bright one. With the diversity of the Colorado economy and the wide range of signatory contractors who have the ability to bed any project from the large to small we should see continued growth of our local union.

The membership of our local has been supportive of the changes needed to allow our success. From building the new training center, market recovery, political action, organizing to being the best trained, hardest working group to be found anywhere in the Unites States, the current success and future success is assured.

The United Association under the leadership of General President Martin J. Maddaloni has had the courage to make the necessary changes needed to help local unions grow and prosper.

As I near the end of my career in the United Association and I see all the bright men and women from apprentices to journeyman, nearly 1750 total, I am confident there will be a 200– year celebration in 2102!

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