Political Action - Pipefitters 208 "Get Involved"

We have created this page in conjunction with the United Association Political & Legislative Affairs Department to enable members to GET INVOLVED in the political and legislative process.  For local and regional politics we will update you with current information.

Latest Video from UA Get Involved

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Through the International, you can visit their website to access effective grass-roots tools that will allow you to GET INVOLVED at both the national and local level.  Up-to-date information on recent events is also made available on both websites for key legislative and political issues relevant to workers and the labor movement.
The United Association views legislative and political affairs among our top goals and priorities, primarily because of the impact on jobs and on our future.  And, today, the need for every UA member to be politically and legislatively active is greater than ever before. Our efforts are focused on protecting rights of workers and unions and creating good jobs for working families.  Our strength, as always, lies in our solidarity – when our voices united as one, we cannot be ignored.
Now is the time to GET INVOLVED!   Whether you are veteran UA member or a first-year apprentice --your involvement is essential to our future.


Dear Members: 
If you are interested in receiving Political information by email/mail from the local please contact the hall either by phone or email and indicate what party you registered with.  This information remains private and will not be discussed or given out to other affiliations.
Also, please make sure that your email and phone numbers are up to date with us at the hall. 
Please call - 303-428-4380 or email Becca@pipe208.com, Maddie@pipe208.com or Tahra@pipe208.com 

In Solidarity, Gary Arnold Business Manager 


Monthly PEC Meetings!

Come on down to local 208's hall and join us for our PEC Meetings! The Political Education Committee (PEC) meets the 1ST TUESDAY of every month, unless otherwise specified. Meetings start at 6:00pm and anyone is welcome to attend. Any cancellations or re-scheduling information will be posted here. Hope to see you there! 

Next PEC Meeting: Tuesday, August 6th, 2019



Pipefitters Local Union 208 strives to provide our members with a quality of life characterized by respect and social-economic security through promoting and representing the interest of all working men and women in the piping industry. Below is some information on our Endorsements for the most recent Elections.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION! June 2018 Governor Election Information from Local 208: Democrat -or- Unaffilliated 

Local 208 is Endorsing the Following Candidates for 2018:

Federal Races

Joe Neguse - Colorado Congressional District 2

Karen McCormick -  Congressional District 4

Jason Crowe -  Colorado Congressional District 6

Ed Perlmutter -  Colorado Congressional District 7

Statewide Races

Jared Polis -  Governor of Colorado

Jena Griswald -  Colorado Secretary of State

Phil Weiser  - Colorado Attorney General

Dave Young -  Colorado State Treasurer

Leslie Smith – CU regent at Large

Colorado State Senate

Leroy Garcia -  Senate District 3

Kerry Donovan -  Senate District 5

Pete Lee -  Senate District 11

Rebecca Cranston -  Senate District 15

Tammy Story -  Senate District 16

Jessie Danielson -  Senate District 20

Brittany Petersen -  Senate District 22

Faith Winter -  Senate District 24

Julia Varnell-Sarjeant -  Senate District 30

Robert Rodriguez -  Senate District 32

Julie Gonzales -  Senate District 34

Colorado State House

Susan Lontine -  House District 1

Alec Garnett -  House District 2

Jeff Bridges -  House District 3

Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez -  House District 4

Alex Valdez -  House District 5

Chris Hansen -  House District 6

James Coleman -  House District 7

Leslie Herrod -  House District 8

Emily Sorota -  House District 9

Edie Hooten -  House District 10

Johnathon Singer – House District 11

KC Becker -  House District 13

Tony Exum -  House District 17

Liz Rosenbaum -  House District 21

Chris Kennedy -  House District 23

Monica Duran -  House District 24

Lisa Cutter – House District 25

Brianna Titone – House District 26

Kerry Tipper -  House District 28

Tracy Kraft Tharp -  House District 29

Dafna Michaelson Jenet -  House District 30

Yadira Caraveo -  House District 31

Adrienne Benavidez -  House District 32

Matt Gray -  House District 33

Kyle Mullica – House District 34

Shannon Bird -  House District 35

Mike Weissman -  House District 36

Tom Sullivan -  House District 37

Chris Kolker -  House District 38

Janet Buckner -  House District 40

Dominic Jackson – house District 42

Simone Aiken -  House District 44

Daneya Esgar -  House District 46

Bri Buentello -  House District 47

Rochelle Galindo -  House District 50

Dave Rose -  House District 56

Barbara McLachlan -  House District 59

Adams County

Emma Pinter -  District 3

Steve O’Dorisio -  District 4

Ken Musso – County Assessor

Rick Reigenborn – Sheriff

Josh Zygielbaum – Clerk and Recorder

Boulder County

Matt Jones – Commissioner

Jefferson County

Leslie Dahlkemper – Commissioner

Larimer County

John Kefalas – Commissioner

Bob Overbeck – Assessor

Colorado State Ballot Initiatives


  • Amendment 74 Vote NO- Allowing property owners to sue local/state governments over any issues:       
  •  Proposition 109

  • Amendment 74 
  • Bonds for Transportation Projects         Vote NO

    Proposition 110

  • Statutory Transportation Funding         Vote YES

    Proposition 112

  • Oil and Gas Setbacks                                Vote NO

    Amendment Y

  • Congressional Redistricting                     Vote YES

    Amendment Z

  • Legislative Redistricting                           Vote YES

    City and County of Denver Ballot Initiatives

  • Ordinance 301

    Caring 4 Denver                                        Vote YES

    Referral Measurement 2E

Makes millions of dollars available for public financing of campaigns                                                          Vote NO