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Retiree monthly meeting's canceled until January 2021 - (8/22/2020)

Dear Retiree Members,

In consideration of COVID-19, Steve Walker, Frederick Brethauer

and Local 208 feel like it is in everyone’s best interest and well-being to cancel the Retiree’s monthly meeting until January 2021.  As we do not want to cancel them entirely, we ask that you watch for updates to see if we will continue the meetings after January 2021 or cancel the meeting’s again.  You can give us a call here at the hall, look on the website and as always Becca will send out emails.

Local 208 and the Staff here hope that you and your family are all staying well and safe from this virus.


In Solidarity 

Gary Arnold 

Business Manager 

Denver Pipefitters Local 208

Office: (303) 428-4380

Cell: (720) 520-0191

Email: Gary@pipe208.com


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