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208 Yearly Reminders! - (7/27/2018)


  • MYCIGNA.COM is a helpful tool to check on your HRA account/EOB and print temp insurance cards, it’s easy just go to MYCIGNA.COM and sign up
  • If you want a wall calendar that Local 208 sends out every year, please call the hall or email one of the front office staff so we can send them out in December
  • Dues will not increase for 2019
  • All members are responsible for their dues, it is important to pay them before you fall 2 ½ months behind. On the 15th day of 2 ½ months, members are charged $5.00 for the reminder letter that is sent out.  Any member who has not paid their dues on the 1st day of the 4th month per the UA Constitution will be charged the reinstatement fee of $50.00
  • Dues can be paid over the phone with a credit card and we can now text you your receipt, this saves time and money for the local, please sign up by keeping your cell phone up-to-date
  • Members information is kept confidential, if your spouse/partner/parent/ wants to change information or ask H&W questions, you must have provided permission to the office staff, please call the hall to update your privacy information

  • Your fund office (WPAS) is another valuable tool for questions such as:
  1. Hours worked from Traveling
  2. Eligible for insurance
  3. Cobra payments
  4. Short Term Disability
  5. Order new Cigna Cards
  6. Order new HRA card
  7.  Their number is 800-257-2168

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